Five Benefits Of Commercial Glass Doors

If you need a new entrance door for your business, don't overlook glass. There are many benefits that commercial glass doors offer that makes them rise above other options. 

1. Allows In Natural Light

Natural light brightens up the interior of your business and can help make everyone feel better and more productive. Whether your entrance opens right up into a waiting room or shopfront, or simply enters into a foyer, the natural light will improve the ambiance of the area and make your business feel more welcoming to everyone that enters.

2. Creates an Inviting Entrance

Walking by an entrance with a solid door, especially if the door is to a retail establishment, can feel a bit off-putting to potential customers. It may even make them hesitant to enter since solid doors emanate an aura of privacy. Glass doors allow the customer to see into your shop front, creating a welcoming and inviting entrance that is less likely to cause hesitation. That is because glass gives the illusion of an open door, which may symbolize how you want to appear to customers.

3. Provides Additional Security

Some people hesitate with glass because they are concerned about security. Glass doors have metal frames, which are difficult to force open. The door is also made of tempered glass, which makes it impact and break-resistant. Further, the visibility afforded by the glass adds security. People can easily see into your business, which means criminals may hesitate for fear of witnesses. Plus, you can see out and observe the people around your business exterior.

4. Ease of Use

A major benefit of a glass door is that it is both durable and lightweight. This makes it easier for people to open one-handed. It also means that if you have an automatic opener on the door, such as for those with a disability, then it doesn't need a strong motor to move the lightweight glass door.

5. Simple to Maintain

Some doors require a lot of maintenance. Wood, for example, must be stripped and painted every few years or it will look bad and can begin to rot. Metal doors may also need repainting to guard against corrosion. You can make a glass door look like new with a squeegee and some glass cleaner. The only real maintenance is occasionally oiling the hinges.

Contact a commercial glass contractor to learn more about the glass entrance options that will work well with your building.