Tips For Selecting The Right Glass Shower Doors

Although shower curtains can help maintain dryness on your bathroom floor, installing a glass shower door is a better solution. Additionally, shower doors enhance your shower's appearance while ensuring privacy, water-proofing, and proper access. Nonetheless, choosing the perfect entryway is vital if you're to enjoy these benefits. Here are tips for choosing a glass shower door.

Shower Style

Your shower's style influences the door type selection. There are three primary shower styles that exist:

  • Bathtub
  • Walk-ins
  • Alcove free-standing booth

These designs are common and can work in most homes.

Typically, these styles influence the door's positioning. For instance, a constricted shower requires a pivoting door that may have a track or trackless. In contrast, if the stall is wide and has a bathtub, consider installing a sliding door. Additionally, if you want privacy, you should pick a glass shower door with a pattern. Alternatively, you can pick clear glass to enjoy a great view and natural sunlight.

Bathroom Design and Finishing

You also need to take into account the bathroom design. For your shower door to function accordingly, there needs to be sufficient space that facilitates opening and closing without problems. Usually, your shower's space determines the opening direction of the door. If you're dealing with a small space, door installation experts will probably install the door to open outward. 

Your bathroom's finishing also influences the glass shower door design you select. For contemporary bathrooms, picking trendy door styles such as the frame-less options is appropriate. These doors can open in any direction, and they make your showering area look bigger than it is. Additionally, washing frameless doors is fast and easy. However, framed doors can work well in traditional bathrooms.

Door Dimensions

The measurements of your shower space matter. If the space is huge, you need a large door that probably has an extra panel. Therefore, measure your opening space before shopping for a shower door. To select the ideal door size, consider your shower door's maximum breadth and height. Then, pick a door that is equal to those measurements. You should contact glass door services to carry out the measuring procedure for accuracy. The experts have the ideal measuring tools, expertise, and experience in taking door measurements.

When picking a shower door, consider your bathroom and shower design and door measurements. Take into account these factors if you want to choose the perfect shower door for your bathroom.