Common Auto Glass Issues That Need Repair

A car's windshield plays a pivotal role in aesthetic appeal and safety. In addition, the glass blocks excessive sun rays. Without the windshield, particles and wind would make your driving uncomfortable. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain the glass in prime condition. Here are typical issues that need windshield repair.


Cracks are common damages to a car's windshield. They emanate from rocks and other debris that hit the glass while you're driving. If the crack is minor, it needs immediate repair before it extends. Ignoring a crack might cost you in the long run since you might need to completely replace your windshield rather than just repair it. A cracked windshield is dangerous when you don't repair it in time. The glass can also blow up in your face at any time.


Besides cracks, chips can ruin your windshield. A chip occurs when a portion of the glass is missing. For instance, a particle hits the screen and removes a part of the windshield leading to a chip. Provided the chip isn't at the edge, fixing the issue is possible. In addition, small chips qualify for repairs. If the chips are significant, a professional might have to install a new windshield. 


Scratches on automotive glass are inevitable. When your windshield has marks on it, you won't be able to see what's in front of you clearly. Also, scratches cause distractions hindering from driving perfectly.

It's no secret that scratches are safety hazards on the road. Thus, you need to repair the glass to avoid harming yourself and other motorists. An expert will examine the glass if it has fine scratches. Deeper marks mean that you have to buy a new windshield.

Leaking Seals

Seals hold the glass in place for safety when driving. When you notice moisture from the edges of the windshield, there is an underlying problem. The root cause is a damaged seal that's no longer serving its purpose. With time, the glass can fall in without warning.

Loose seals on the sides can be messy, especially when it's raining. They will let in water to the vehicle and cause an inconvenience. When you spot a leak, you should take it to a technician for a quality repair.

Hazy Glass

The hazy glass stems from wipers that constantly fade off the windshield treatment. Also, worn wipers trap dirt and grit on them, creating a dark glare. The bright side is that it's easy to repair the hazy glass.

After the repair, avoid using substandard products that cause a haze on your windshield. Instead, go for quality products that your technician approves.

For more information, contact an auto glass service in your area.