4 Steps For Windshield Chip Repair

Driving around with a chip in your windshield can be bad for the longevity of your auto glass. Even a small chip can weaken the structural integrity of your car windshield. Fortunately, an auto glass repair service can restore your windshield so you won't need to go through the expense of replacing it. Here are the steps you'll have to follow in order to have your windshield repaired:

1. Call an auto glass repair shop

As soon as you notice a flaw in your car windshield, you should call an auto glass repair shop to schedule a chip repair. Chip repair is a quick process; however, you may still need to wait a few days until your auto glass repair shop has an available appointment, so it's best to schedule your repair as soon as possible. If you have car insurance that covers auto glass damage, you may want to call your insurance company first to find out if you need to use a specific auto glass repair shop.

2. Park your car somewhere accessible

Many auto glass repair shops provide mobile windshield repair service, which means that a repair technician will come to you. Auto glass repairs can be performed as long as the area is safe and free from excessive traffic, so you don't have to worry if street parking is the only type of parking available. However, you should make sure to park your car in such a way that your damaged windshield is easily accessible to your repair technician.

3. Clean your windshield

Auto glass repair relies on a clean surface so the bonding adhesive can form a strong bond with your damaged glass. Any dirt, dust, or debris can interfere with this bonding process. Before commencing with the repair, your repair technician will swab the chipped area with alcohol to clean away dirt and oil. However, you should also clean your windshield ahead of time to help this process along. Be careful to avoid damaging your windshield further while cleaning it.

4. Allow your windshield to cure

Your auto glass repair technician will inject clear resin epoxy into the chipped area of your windshield and use a vacuum seal to distribute it evenly. Epoxy dries quickly, but you should still allow your windshield adequate time to fully cure. Avoid getting your windshield wet for the rest of the day to ensure that the chip repair succeeds.