The Importance of a Glass Shop Drawing and How One Is Formulated

A glazier cuts, installs, and removes glass. They are one of the final people contracted to upgrade a curtainwall or exterior and interior components of a new building. If selling glass panels will be conducted from your new place of business, a shop drawing will aid with outlining where various materials will be installed and how the layout of the building will look when the construction process is finalized. 

A Glass Shop Drawing

Many people are involved in the planning and construction phases of a building. An architect will draw up a separate set of plans than those that are featured via a glass shop drawing. A glass shop drawing is a specialized plan that may indicate the thickness and shape of glass products, the size requirements for various parts of a building's structure and interior, and the actual layout of the materials.

The property owner who is seeking new construction, the designers and material suppliers, and the head contractor and subcontractors may refer to the plans that are outlined in a glass drawing.

A Designer and a Glazier

The designer of a building can recommend glass materials and fixtures that will add aesthetical appeal and functionality to a building's design. If the occupant of a new building will be featuring an array of glass products that they will be selling to their target audience, setting up some samples of these materials can be attained by strategically placing glass products within the design of a building.

A glass storefront or curtainwall may be large in size and suitable for the display of tinted and non-tinted glass products. Load-bearing walls will need to be assessed by an engineer, to determine if a glass shop drawing provides an adequate design that will be supportive of the new glass components.

A curtainwall is a wall that is typically used to block outdoor elements, without being the main support to the rest of the building. A curtainwall may be erected along one or more sides of a building. This type of wall will not bear the weight of a roofing system or siding materials.

For this reason, it will be imperative that precise calculations are made when choosing what types of glass materials will comprise a curtainwall. A designer and a glazier may work together, to determine if a glass shop drawing will be adequate for the new construction. Computer software may be used to aid the team of workers who will be finalizing a shop drawing.

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