Commercial Glass Services And Pane Selection Strategies

Commercial glass is an essential item that will protect a storefront. Unique glass styles could potentially draw attention to a place of business or provide employees and patrons with privacy. Consider some variables associated with your business operations that will affect the type of commercial glass that you choose.

A Company's Services

A commercial glass company will likely keep glass products at their facility. Various window and door pane styles may also be in stock. A glass company will either provide comprehensive or specialized services at their place of business. They may also provide a mix of onsite and mobile services. A glass company that provides mobile glass services can aid with removing existing panes, preparing new panes, and installing them in original frames or frames that were purchased through the glass company.

Commercial Glass Products

Single or double-paned glass, tempered glass, or storm glass are some products that are well-suited for a wide range of commercial structures. If a glass storefront is currently located along the front of your business and glass pieces have cracked or have scratches on them, selecting thick panes of glass may be of interest. You can either choose standard thick panes or ones that are designed to resist fractures.

Consult with a glass technician to gather insight into the types of glass that will be suitable for your place of business. If you would like to keep costs down and you operate your business from a building that has several floors, you may want to reserve the more expensive, thicker-paned glass or specialized glass for the storefront and select less expensive panes for the upper floors or for the windows that do not face a roadway.

Enhanced Glass Products

Enhanced glass products include decorative panes and tinted panes. Decorative panes can be complementary to signage and decor that is along the front of your business. Stained glass or mosaic glass are two types of decorative glass that will stand out. Either of these types of glass can be used to fit an entire window frame or to fit a small cutout that is within a window or door.

Tinted panes are a product that will increase privacy and block the sun's rays. Decide if you would like your patrons to be able to see in and out of your business or if you would like to make the premises more private. If you choose to have tint added to commercial glass, you can choose from a wide range of tint shades.