FAQs About Glass Shower Door Enclosures And Custom Installation

Are you ready to upgrade your bathroom and install a glass shower door or enclosure? Before you begin the demo and renovation, take a look at what you need to know about glass, your options, design choices, and professional installation.

Why Choose A Glass Shower Enclosure?

Whether your bathroom only has a tub, a tub and shower combo, or a stall shower, you can transform the bathing space into a fresh, clean, modern area with a glass enclosure. These enclosures include frameless and framed designs—along with an array of different sizes, shapes, and design options. 

The decision to add a glass shower enclosure may not come down to one factor. Instead, you may need to explore the benefits before you can make a choice. Some of the top reasons to select this type of glass shower option include:

  • Overall aesthetics. A glass enclosure has a modern, spa-like look that can help you to create a tranquil bathing space. It can also complement a newly designed bathroom or add a special flare to the existing area.

  • The illusion of space. Do you have a small bathroom? The see-through enclosure creates the illusion of extra space and can make the room appear larger than it is.

  • Extra light. Is your bathroom dull and dim? Open it up and allow the light to shine through with a glass enclosure. 

Along with these reasons, you may want to choose a glass enclosure if you have a hard-to-fit space. A glass contractor can custom-cut the enclosure to fit inside a sloped, narrow, or wide bathroom.

What Are Your Glass Shower Enclosure Options?

All glass showers are not the same. Again, a custom-cut enclosure can fit inside a bathroom with a sloped or angled ceiling, sit in a narrow space, or it can span an extra-wide area. You can also select clear glass panels or choose an etched option. Clear glass is ideal if you want to create a clean, contemporary aesthetic, want to make the room appear larger, or need to increase the amount of light in the space. Etched glass adds a designer feel, can create a private sanctuary in the room, and can add a dramatic sense of style.

Who Should Install A Glass Shower?

This isn't a DIY job or a project for an inexperienced frameless shower door services contractor. Hire a glass professional with years of experience in creating and installing shower doors. Failure to correctly install the glass could result in damage to the bathroom. Not only could the glass crack or shatter, but a loose seal or uneven installation could also cause the bathroom to flood. This puts everything else in the space at risk for water damage or mold/mildew growth.

For help with your shower door installation, contact a professional shower door or glass service.