3 Professional Auto Glass Repair Options Every Driver Needs To Know About

Windshield repair is one of the most common vehicle repairs that drivers request. Every driver on the road is at risk for this type of auto glass damage. Some types of damages can be repaired, but there is damage that is significant enough to warrant a windshield replacement. A professional auto glass repair technician can assess the damage and advise drivers about the best option. The goal is to provide a service that ensures the vehicle is safe to drive.

Unstable windshields are prone to collapse, which can startle drivers and cause accidents. The risk of getting major cuts is unlikely because vehicles have tempered glass, which does not break in shards. However, if an accident occurs, it is possible for glass to enter the eyes or mouth of individuals in the cabin of a vehicle and cause injuries. The following points outline a few professional auto glass repair services.


This is a process that some auto glass shops use for windshields that have to pit. This is a type of damage caused by pebbles, dirt, and sand making contact with windshields. The pits are tiny craters and can trap small particles over time. The best repair option for this issue in the long term is to get the affected windshield replaced. However, some auto shops offer professional auto glass repair services for pitting issues that involve applying a special compound to the glass and polishing it over the glass. The solution acts as a filler and can extend the lifespan of the glass. However, drivers should view this as a temporary extension and make plans to get their windshields replaced. Pitting is a serious cosmetic defect because the pits may reflect light and temporarily affect vision, which could cause an accident. 

Resin Filling

This is a similar process to polishing. However, it is used to fill cracks and minor chips. Some cracks and chips cannot be filled with resin. An auto glass technician can determine if resin can be used. This is why it is important for drivers to take their vehicles to an auto glass repair shop soon after it gets damaged. Procrastination could lead to cracks spreading and not being suitable for a safe professional auto glass repair. 

Windshield Patch

Auto technicians can apply patches to windshields to temporarily prevent further damage. Patches are only good for windshields that have damage that can be repaired. The integrity of windshields that have been deemed mandatory replacement is considered compromised. This means that they are classified as unsafe and patching will do little or no good. A patch is ideal for individuals who have reparable damage but need time to get the money for repairs or those who are short on time when they visit the auto glass shop.

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