2 Benefits Of Applying Entry-Resistant Film On Your Business’s Windows

If you are currently renovating your business's building, part of the process may be remodeling the windows. Because you do not want the sun's glare to penetrate the glass and shine too brightly inside the building, you may already be thinking about having the windows tinted.

However, along with the tint, you may want to take a step further and think about having a strong tinted film applied with entry-resistant properties. There are a couple of benefits that come with applying an entry-resistant film on your business's windows instead of just having them tinted. 

1. Helps to Delay Someone's Ability to Break in Through the Windows by a Few Minutes

One major benefit of applying an entry-resistant film to your business's exterior windows is that it can help delay someone's ability by a few minutes. Because of the thickness and strength of the film, when it is struck with a hammer or other blunt object, it holds the glass pieces together.

Even if the potential thief strikes the glass repeatedly, the film will withstand the impact for a few minutes before giving way. This can help prevent theft either by having the would-be thief give up after a few strikes or give law enforcement time to investigate if the alarm goes off while the thief is hammering away at the glass.

2. Keeps the Glass from Shattering During Storm Impact to Prevent Injuries to People Inside

Another benefit of applying the film to your business building's windows is that it helps protect the glass from impact during storms. When a severe storm with high winds comes through, large branches and other debris could strike an unprotected window, sending shards flying into the room.

However, when the window is protected by an entry-resistant film, the glass is held together. Because it keeps glass from breaking off, this can help prevent injuries to employees or customers who happen to be in the building at the time of the impact.

If you are thinking about tinting your windows, consider applying a tinted film that also has entry-resistant properties. Because the film holds the glass pieces firmly together, it can delay a break-in as well as prevent injuries to people inside your business if the window were to break during a storm.

If you would like to learn more about this product, contact a business that offers entry-resistant window film, like Safety Film USA.