Got Cracks? Problems You Avoid With Professional Windshield Repairs

If you have a cracked windshield, it's time to visit a glass repair shop. If you're into DIY projects, you might think you can handle the repairs by yourself. After all, you can buy windshield repair kits at most auto repair shops. Just because you can repair a windshield, doesn't mean you should. A lot can go wrong when you try to tackle your own windshield repairs. Read the list below. Here are four reasons you should never make repairs to your windshield by yourself. 

Quality Of Materials

If you're going to repair a windshield on your own, you need to think about the materials you'll use. Many DIY windshield repair kits do not contain professional-grade materials. Unfortunately, that means the cracks may not seal properly. If you try to use super glue or tubes of epoxy, you could end up with fumes inside the car. That's why you should leave windshield repairs to a glass repair shop. They'll use the right materials for your windshield. And, you won't need to worry about fumes. 

No Bubble Removal

If you're going to use resin to repair your cracked windshield, you need to think about bubbles. Once windshield resin gets applied to the windshield, you need to remove the bubbles. If you don't, you'll end up with a layer of bubbles across the windshield. You might think the bubbles will disappear as the resin dries. That's not the case though. The surface bubbles will stay in place. Windshield bubbles are unsightly. And, they distort the clarity of your windshield. That means you won't see as clearly through your windshield. You can avoid the bubbles by leaving windshield repairs to the professionals. 

Dirty Glass Surface

If you've decided to do windshield repairs by yourself, it's time to look at the glass. If you don't clean the glass before repairs, you could end up with blemishes on your windshield. Not only that but resin won't stick to dirt and grease. Unfortunately, that means your windshield repairs won't hold. One way to avoid issues with dirt is to have your windshield repaired at a glass shop. They'll make sure your windshield is clean and dry before starting the repairs. 

Improper Curing 

If you want to handle windshield repairs as a DIY project, now's the time to worry about curing. Windshield resin needs enough time to cure before you drive your car. If the resin doesn't have time to cure, the cracks in your windshield could get worse. Make sure your windshield has time to cure. Get the cracks repaired at a glass shop.

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