Tired Of Your Shower Curtain? Two Reasons To Switch To A Glass Shower Enclosure

As with most things, shower curtains have both pros and cons. A colorful shower curtain can brighten up the bathroom and make it come alive with hues and shades that add vibrancy to the space. On the other hand, maintaining your shower curtain can be a handful. Soap scum, dirt, and mildew pile up quickly, and if you aren't diligent with your cleaning duties, you might wind up with a curtain that does more harm than good. Read More 

Benefits of Tinting Your Commercial Windows

When it comes to ways to upgrade your business, tinting your windows is something to consider. Window tinting can offer your business a wide array of benefits. #1: Increased Privacy When you add tinting to your business's windows, you will be able to enjoy more privacy during the day. If you want to have your windows open, but you don't want people to be able to peer in to see what your employees are doing, commercial window film can help you enjoy the best of both worlds. Read More 

Upgrading To Vinyl Window Frames

When your home's window frames start to become worn, replacing them can become a necessary upgrade to make. For many homes, the window frames will be made of wood, and while this is an effective window frame material, vinyl can be superior in many ways. However, myths about vinyl window frames can lead to homeowners failing to consider using this extremely effective option. Myth: Vinyl Windows Are Easily Damaged Homeowners will often assume that vinyl will be an extremely weak material and that this could lead to the window frames being far more vulnerable to suffering damage from routine impacts. Read More 

Three Benefits Of Internal Glass For Your Office

Businesses are always looking for the next big thing to improve efficiency in the workplace. Whether it's an open concept style office plan or shared workspaces, most companies believe that little tweaks to their operations can result in major benefits down the road. One of the styles that have come into vogue recently is placing large interior windows in place of walls. This is most common around conference rooms and single-occupancy offices as they promote transparency (pun intended). Read More 

Four Reasons To Consider Mobile Windshield Repair

Sometimes, it's the little things that are the most annoying. A crack in your windshield is not only inconvenient to have to drive through, but also can create major issues down the road as it gets larger and larger.  Few of us have the time to drive down to an auto shop and sit while the windshield is replaced, so why not bring the job to you? With mobile windshield repair, you can orient jobs like that to fit your schedule, rather than the other way around. Read More